SRC-1 PLUS rig upgrade kit. The kit includes the new pedal plate, the new steering wheel desk and the new front reinforcement plate. This kit allows you to transform the SRC-1 PLUS model into the new SRC-PLUS station.

Compatible with SRC-1 PLUS rig only.


The SRC-1 PLUS Upgrade Kit allows you to transform the old SRC-1 PLUS rig (no longer available) into the new and more performing SRC-PLUS. The kit consists of the 4 mm steel plate for pedals mounting, the new 4 mm steel wheel desk and the new 3 mm steel front reinforcement plate. The pedals plate and the wheel desk are equipped with reinforcement folds that prevent bending.Thanks to this kit, it is possible to update your SRC-1 PLUS rig and thus make it more performing by increasing its rigidity and adjustments. All components for mounting the kit to the rig are included.

This kit is only compatible with the SRC-1 PLUS rig.

Weight15 kg
Dimensions50 × 50 × 20 mm